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Broken Ties
400 Page Science Fiction/Space Book.

Review: It began when a few U.S. Senators wanted to reduce, and possibly eliminate, the Federal Deficit. They approached Fajah Labil who took on the congressional assignment to form an Advisory Group that worked closely with the senators. One of the first members of this group is Kilgor "Kyle" Schmidt.

This book is written in the First Person with Kyle as the narrator. Kyle explains that the Advisory Group was to brainstorm for ideas on HOW to reduce the Debt. The answer? Create a Scientific Task Force (around a dozen people) to set up a nearly self-sufficient colony on the moon for the purpose of exploration and exploitation of any and all valuable mineral wealth located there.

It is called Earth Moon: Colony One "EMCO". It begins with thirteen members. Readers watch the Pioneers struggle to simply survive. Then watch as mistakes are made, as well as, how the consequences are dealt with. Colonist soon begin arriving to help gather and ship back the minerals found. It is not too long before Earth hardly sends EMCO anything, yet EMCO continues to send Earth goods.

The moon is not owned by any one country on Earth. The pioneers and Colonists develop their own laws and government over the years. Eventually people will marry, children will be born, and people on Earth will begin to envy.

**** The first half of the book is set on Earth. The second half is set in EMCO, upon the moon. To avoid giving spoilers, my synopsis omits much. This book is labeled as "Action Romance" by the publisher. I disagree. There is not much romance and most of it is in the first half. This story strikes me as "Sci-Fi". It deals with a problem we see in the present time, but is dealt with in the future and in a way that COULD someday, possibly, happen.

I am impressed with how well thought out the plot and sub-plots are. The author, Norman E. Gibat, has obviously pondered each problem, solution, and what-ifs. For readers who love details, it's in here. Readers who do not want to read the tech stuff may skim. However, it is all written in such a way that you do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand it all. All-in-all, an excellent read but without much danger. ****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 13 December, 2007.

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